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"For the Love of Pugs"

We are always in need of
Reliable, Dedicated Pug Lovers to help out!


If you'd like to volunteer for Pug Rescue
please send us an email telling us:

About yourself
Where you are located
When you are available
How to contact you
What areas of volunteering interest you
(such as driving to pick up a Pug needing Rescue,
providing home checks to prospective adopters, fostering)


The Loved Pug is always in dire need of caring foster parents
who will open their homes to temporarily care for homeless pugs.
It can be a very rewarding and fun experience to add a pug
to your household until he finds his forever home!
We especially need foster homes for our senior pugs,
who sometimes take a little longer to find good homes.

Our foster home program is extremely important
to The Loved Pug's continued success.

The greatest joy we receive is watching our fosters adopted
to a home where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives.
It's a tough job because you are giving up a little Pug you have grown to love.
But when they go to their new home,
there is then an opening for the next Pug that needs a temporary home.

When we get a call to rescue a Pug it is often on short notice
and we have no indication of a Pug's health or temperament.
We can't guarantee that a Pug is housebroken and we often
have no knowledge of the previous home or owners so we have
little or no knowledge of where the Pug has lived.

If you are interested in becoming a pug foster parent,
please contact us to fill out an application