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Fostering Guidelines

Foster Parents agree to care for the rescued dog(s) and
during this time Foster Parent will give kind, gentle, loving care
to the rescued dog and provide it with a safe, indoor environment.
Pugs shall be kept in the house at all times with the exception of
being taken outside to go to the bathroom.
At no time shall the dog(s) be tied to any object outside,
nor shall they be kept in any kennel which is not fully enclosed
and covered and fully secured by locks.

The Loved Pug will be responsible for any veterinary care
charges for said dog(s), but only if The Loved Pug has authorized
such care, except in cases of extreme emergency.
The foster parent agrees to take the dog(s) only to veterinarian(s)
to which they have been directed by The Loved Pug
or to which The Loved Pug has told them to use,
except in cases of extreme emergency.

The foster parent understands that it may be necessary
to drive the dog to the veterinarian, to meet with prospective adoptive families
and other places, and is willing to do so.
Foster Parent agrees to feed the dog(s) premium dog food,
and agrees to feed, water and exercise the dog appropriately.
This includes no unsupervised, off-lead time.
Foster Parent understands that often a dog comes into rescue needing medication.
The Loved Pug will pay for all medications necessary for the dog(s).
Foster Parent agrees to administer the medication(s) to the dog
in accordance with the veterinarian instructions.
When we get a call to rescue a Pug it is often on short notice
and we have no indication of a Pug's health or temperament.
Our foster homes have to be willing to help us assess this
and be willing to update The Loved Pug on a weekly basis.
We can't guarantee that a Pug is housebroken and we often
have no knowledge of the previous home or owners so we have
little or no knowledge of where the Pug has lived.